West Tisbury selectmen on Wednesday gave their initial assent to a proposal from town climate action committee chairman Kate Warner to add a narrow solar canopy with vehicle charging stations to the library parking lot along its boundary line with the Field Gallery.

Other options for adding renewable energy in the historic town center are limited, Ms. Warner said, with no more room for solar panels atop town hall.

“The roof is just not the right shape,” she said.

A green light from selectmen would not make the canopy a done deal, Ms. Warner added.

“We would still have to go to the historical commission and say, “could you live with this?’” she said.

Librarian Alexandra Pratt also recommended consulting the library trustees, who maintain a garden along the edge of the property adjoining the gallery.

The canopy would join the library roof in an upcoming round of installations performed by the Cape and Vineyard Electric Cooperative, Ms. Warner said.

All three selectmen expressed support for the canopy concept, giving Ms. Warner the go-ahead to pursue it with the cooperative on the conditions that no trees would be cut down and the historical commission’s approval would be obtained.

“Times have changed, and resiliency is important,” selectman Skipper Manter said.

As the Feb. 2 deadline looms for submitting articles to the warrant for the annual town meeting May 18, affordable housing committee member Doug Finn made a direct request to selectmen for an article asking to dedicate all town revenue from short-term rental taxes to support affordable housing in West Tisbury.

The housing committee was unable to meet in time to formally request the article, Mr. Finn said, explaining why he was coming straight to the board. Committee member Jefrey DuBard was also present to support the request.

Citizen-generated articles are normally placed on town meeting warrant through petitions, town administrator Jennifer Rand said.

“You only need 10 signatures,” Ms. Rand said.

Selectmen asked Mr. Finn to submit a petition, which he said he would do before the deadline.

Also Wednesday, at the recommendation of the zoning board of appeals, selectmen appointed Casey Decker as an associate (alternate) member of the zoning board.


— Louisa Hufstader