Stephen Sheldon of Vineyard Haven was recognized by the Tisbury police department at a ceremony last Thursday for his role in saving the life of a woman in the Lagoon Pond late last year.

Mr. Sheldon was honored for his efforts along with Deputy Aaron Figueroa and Sgt. Julia Bossio of the sheriff’s department, members of the Tisbury police force and responders from Oak Bluffs and Tisbury EMS.

A message posted by Sheriff Bob Ogden on the department Facebook page Wednesday acknowledged the ceremony and recounted the incident.

On Nov. 28, Mr. Sheldon discovered a woman who appeared to be drowning on the Vineyard Haven side of the Lagoon near Beach Road Restaurant, the sheriff account said. Acting swiftly, Mr. Sheldon retrieved the unresponsive woman from the water and began CPR resuscitation on the shore.

Island resident Melissa Partridge noticed the incident reported it to local authorities, who assisted Mr. Sheldon in his resuscitation and brought the woman to safety. The woman survived and recovered fully following the incident, the sheriff’s message said.

In an in-person ceremony hosted by the Tisbury police last Thursday, Mr. Sheldon and all first responders at the scene were thanked for their heroic acts. Ms. Partridge and the dispatchers at the county emergency communication center were also honored for their contributions during the event.

“Thank you to all of those who came together to save a life that day, and to the professionals and civilians who we work in collaboration with every day to safeguard our community,” the sheriff department statement read. “We are stronger together.”