Did you know that stressed spelled backwards is desserts? Set the oven to 350 degrees and many find comfort, pleasure and a sense of relaxation when the flour begins to fly and golden, flakey delicacies are the end result. On Saturday, Feb. 20, the folks at the library will host a Sweet Book Club Zoom get together to discuss Joanne Chang’s Pastry Love. Contact Tracy at tthorpe@clamsnet.org or 508-645-3360 for the details.

Also sponsored by the library is an author book talk with Jennifer Smith Turner, author of Child Bride, a novel about set in the segregated south of the mid-1900s, It was named best fiction e-book for 2020 by the Black Caucus of the American Library Association, and BiblioBoard. As always, reach out to Tracy for details.

How about those Patriots South (aka the Tampa Bay Buccaneers)? I don’t know about you, but it sure did feel like I was watching the Patriots this past Sunday in their stellar Super Bowl LV performance. Although this was the first year in many that we didn’t watch the game with a group of friends, the four Carrolls cheered and indulged in football food. What was on your menu? West Tisbury’s Janice Haynes always does football food up right. Next year I may need to reach out to her for some recipes. In the football dessert department, Albert Fischer takes the cake, as they say, with his homemade apple pie. My favorite. I take pleasure in knowing overachievers like these two.

Despite the challenging weather, Ann Ganz celebrated her very happy birthday surrounded by the love of her husband Bob, daughter Claire, and delicious cake with candles to blow. While the snowflakes fell, taking down some branches and the power with them, Ann’s grandson, Owen Singer, was catching some pretty spectacular billfish in the Dominican Republic.

Part of living in this town is finding the time to participate in oral history. There’s nothing quite like having a conversation with someone who has a few years on me. I’ve had the pleasure of chatting with both Jane Slater and Roberta Morgan this past week. They may have completely different personalities, but I truly enjoy them both and I am grateful they always take the time to share stories with me.

That delightful aforementioned Jane Slater celebrates her 89th birthday on Feb. 15. It may be the day after Valentine’s Day (the day of love) but it is also the day Jane deserves a little extra.

The first meeting in 2021 of the Chilmark Democratic Town Committee will be held on Wednesday, Feb. 24 at 5:30 pm. All registered Chilmark Democrats are welcome to attend. If interested in attending or becoming a member, please contact Jennifer Burkin at jenburkin@hotmail.com.

Our little dose of New England winter prompted Katharine Poole to build one heck of a snowman for her pops Everett to enjoy. Katharine, thank you for reminding all of us that it’s the little things like sledding, building snow-people, and having snowball fights that keep us young, full of spirit and laughing.