Eric A. Widra purchased 20 Tennis Lane in Chilmark from Marianne Maddalena TRS for $1,937,500 on Feb. 25.

David P. Kelliher and Catherine V. Walthers purchased 102 Kings Highway in Chilmark from Katharine W. Poole and Katharine P. Poole for $509,000 on Feb. 26.

Darrin Miles purchased 7 Clambelly Road in Chilmark from Joshua Liebowitz and Corinna Liebowitz for $1,477,500 on Feb 26.


Ayoung Cho purchased 61 Edgartown Meadows Road in Edgartown from Allyn J. Coleman TRS, C Jack Coleman Revocable Trust and Alice L. Coleman for $1,600,000 on Feb. 22.

James J. Higgins and Elke C. Higgins purchased 1 Mariners Landing (Unit 5) in Edgartown from Mariners Way LLC for $655,000 on Feb. 25.

Lots 12 & 13 of the First Division LLC and Laughing Cow LLC purchased Vacant Land on Vineyard Haven Road and County Road in Edgartown from Darleen H. Evans TRS, Brenda W. Sinclair TRs, and Violet M. Junior Living Trust for $20,000 on Feb. 25.

MTK 69 School Street LLC purchased 2/3 interest in 69 School street in Edgartown from Townsend R. Morey 3rd and David N. Morey for $1,800,000 on Feb. 25.

Lundgren Equity Partners LLC purchased 63 Peases Point Way North in Edgartown from MVAH 1 LLC for $3,300,000 on Feb. 26.

Oak Bluffs

Michelle Clements purchased 20 Windy Hill Road in Oak Bluffs from Tia M. Warren and Wallace R. Jenkins Jr. for $548,000 on Feb. 26.

Vineyard Haven

Vanessa Lopes purchased 29 Andrews Road in Vineyard Haven from US Bank NA for $415,000 on Feb. 23.

Talita Vaz Destafani purchased 18 State Road (Unit 1) in Vineyard Haven from Silvestro S. Schiavone TRs and Building Block Realty Trust for $960,000 on Feb. 24.

Leonides Acosta TRS and RF Realty Trust purchased 82 Grimmett Way in Vineyard Haven from Donald J. Belmont, Judith A. Belmont, Brian J. Belmont, Adamp P. Belmont and Justin D. Belmont for $895,000 on Feb. 25.

Ted A. Gilchrist and Deidre Gilchrist purchased 36 Bayberry Lane (Unit VF) in Vineyard Haven from Frank Zeven and Mary Moran Zeven for $1,325,000 on Feb. 26.