Caleb Enos has been a member of the Chappaquiddick Ferry crew for more than a decade. He has devoted a substantial portion of his life to serving his neighbors. He rose through the ranks, gaining experience and skills along the way and earned a Coast Guard license.

Occasionally, a photo of Caleb will be posted on the internet. Sometimes he is just displaying that big friendly grin which has been hidden behind a mask for the past year. Other times, he is driving the ferry in a storm that throws spray clear over the pilot house. As he became more confident in handling the ferry in extreme circumstances I knew that he enjoyed the challenge.

The internet postings bring responses of recognition of his abilities and appreciation for his dedication to the community. His focus is on getting you home and keeping the ferryboat from harm. He has to provide ferry service for folks whose attention and focus are often elsewhere. That’s why there are several reminders regarding your headlights and your parking lights.

Landing the ferry while squinting into your LED parking lights is difficult and dangerous and just plain unpleasant. Most LED parking lights are even brighter than headlights. They are no less blinding because you haven’t learned how to shut them off. They are no less harsh on the eyes even though you are a warm and caring person. They are no less glaring because you didn’t notice that they were still on. They are no less unpleasant and annoying in broad daylight. Hence, the big mirrors, so that you can see for yourself what is going on at the end of the hood of your car.

All vehicles have some way to turn your parking lights off at your command. You may have to shut your engine off. Those clever car engineers have been outdoing themselves. Look in the manual in your glove compartment, Google it or talk about it on Facebook. The simple act of turning off your parking lights

while waiting in line, both daytime as well as nighttime, is a wonderful way to express your appreciation to Caleb and his fellow ferry captains.