While the saying most likely started as a reference to astronomy, referring to the position of the constellations Leo the lion and Aries the lamb in the night sky, the proverbial saying, “March comes in like a Lion and goes out like a Lamb” has stood the test of time.

For me, however, a sure sign of spring is when Albert Fischer spends some time in front of a mirror and painstakingly removes his woolly, white, winter beard. The day he no longer needs that extra warmth is the day we can all consider packing away the shovels until next December.

Another sure sign of spring is when the Chilmark School 4/5 class begins to prepare for the annual May Pole dance. I heard first-hand from Jesse Keller Jason, extraordinary dancer and dance instructor, that Monday March 22 marked the first rehearsal. The first few rehearsals are done without ribbons so the kids don’t necessarily appreciate what joy is to come. I’m so pleased my niece Emme will be a dancer this year as a very grown up fifth grader.

Pete Lambos, manager of the Martha’s Vineyard Seafood Collaborative, has been puttering around the harbor prepping the former Fish House to be ready to receive its first commercial catch for the 2021 season. The MV Fishermen’s Preservation Trust, of which I have been a minimally active member this past year, set an ambitious fundraising campaign and achieved the goal with the support of so many of you. This start up capital will allow the location on the harbor to be operational and receive commercial catches of lobster, shellfish, sea bass and more. The freezer along the commercial dock was fired up last week to prepare for Island distribution of local fish stew and chowder.

Gwendolyn Oskan celebrated her birthday on March 19. She is a great big five years old and ready for just about anything that comes her way. Her decadent cake was adorned with lady fingers and she took her new fishing pole for a spin on Monday with a few practice casts.

March 25 is the day Carl Leaf celebrated his 93rd birthday. My dear friend is a keeper of fascinating stories which he shares with a twinkle in his eye and addressed to me, with my new nickname of KC.

Happy 15th birthday to Clara Athearn, daughter of Meg and Dan who celebrated on March 23, and to Peter and William Miller, sons to Kaky Powell and Laurie Miller, who celebrate 15 today. It’s hard to believe they, who were tiny humans what seems like yesterday, are high school freshman and will be behind a steering wheel in just one years time.

On March 28, little Wyld Ruel, the youngest curly haired offspring of Nettie Kent and Colin Ruel, celebrates his second birthday. In Chilmark Covid fashion, he will be having a drive by birthday. At 11 a.m., a fire truck will slowly pass by the Ruel Gallery on Basin Road where Wyld and big brother Razmus will be waiting for the flash of the lights and the whirl of the siren. If you’re out and about join in the fun and give the cheerful little fellow a toot as you pass by.

There’s a new petite bundle of joy in the Smith, Bradshaw, Weisman,and extended Mayhew-Flanders family and her name is Madeline Leilani Bradshaw. She was born on March 15 to Marguerite Smith and Max Bradshaw. Welcome to the world Madeline and yippee for you Marguerite and Max.

Ingrid Goff-Maidoff has some really fabulous stuff at her West Tisbury shop, Tending Joy. She has books, poetry, art and, among other things, Jennifer Burkin’s sweet little bird paintings. It’s an inspirational spot full of treasures and is open 11 a.m. to 4 p.m. Monday through Saturday and whenever you see the flag out front flying.