Michael Fuller purchased 16 Meshacket Road in Edgartown from Roy M. Hayes for $1,840,000 on March 23.

Millers Unlimited Properties LLC purchased 35 Watcha Path in Edgartown from Gregory Blaine and Tam Blaine for $2,400,000 on March 23.

Michelle Shell purchased 20 Majors Cove Lane in Edgartown from Bradford J. Collins and Bonnie J. Collins for $899,000 on March 25.

John and Sarah Finn purchased 2 Swan Neck Road in Edgartown from Pamela Kohlberg TRS, Jobs Neck Trust, Jennifer Magnone TRS and Auction Realty Trust for $1,050,000 on March 25.

Oak Bluffs

Carl and Allison Hixson purchased 81 Pond View Drive in Oak Bluffs from Benjamin C. Stafford for $825,000 on March 25. Robert S. Albert purchased 17 New York avenue in Oak Bluffs from Angelique Shanks, Mashayla Dawn and Preonah Dawn for $400,000 on March 26.

Vineyard Haven

Jonathan Jaffe purchased 112 Spring street in Vineyard Haven from Molly Hargy and Judith Hathaway for $725,000 on March 22.

Fish MV LLC purchased 80 Main street in Vineyard Haven from Java Emporium LLC for $1,550,000 on March 22.

Lake Street Cottage LLC purchased 84 Lake street in Vineyard Haven from Robert M. Nichols and David A. Nichols for $565,000 on March 23.

Pierre and Regine Boursiquot purchased 285 Edgartown Road in Vineyard Haven from Lawrence D. Sylvia, Jeffrey B. Sylvia, Timothy L. Sylvia and Gary M. Sylvia for $5,654,000 on March 24.

Mathew Stedman TRS, Zachary Stedman TRS and Blue Water Trust purchased a portion of 275 South Farm Road in Vineyard Haven from Michael A. Jampel TRS and Channing Realty Trust for $900,000 on March 24.

West Tisbury

Java Emporium LLC purchased 49 Old Courthouse Road in West Tisbury from Theodore R. Powell TRS, James R. Powell TRS and Rosalie H. Powell Trust for $1,300,000 on March 25.