The Tisbury select board put out a lengthy statement Friday regarding wastewater issues and development in the town.

An apparent response to a March 26 story in the Gazette about pressures at the wastewater plant, and an op-ed published in the Gazette Friday by former selectman Melinda Loberg, the statement focused, among other things, on the town’s wastewater planning, capital program and current capacity. The statement said the select board stood by the town’s current wastewater staff.

“The select board want to state unequivocally that the Massachusetts DEP is keenly aware of and part of the town’s effort on matters concerning wastewater. The select board has complete confidence in our wastewater management and staff,” the statement said in part.

In the March 26 story, town officials said that the plant had exceeded its daily wastewater flow limit three times in 2019, but officials also said the plant had never violated its permit with the state DEP.

The statement issued Friday said the town has existing capacity for users who request increased flow allocation, and that the select board assigns flow with careful scrutiny on a case-by-case basis.

“This available capacity is restricted due to the limited gallons available and should be sufficient to meet anticipated requests,” the statement said.

It also pointed to a variety of capital improvements, both current and ongoing, to address plant capacity issues, including a planned 40 per cent plant expansion, a focus on reducing on-site wastewater through NITROE technology and an expansion to the town’s leaching field.

The complete statement follows.