Tisbury’s select board and school committee voted unanimously this week to seek voter approval of a Proposition 2 1/2 override for up to $55 million in construction bonds to renovate and add on to the historic Tisbury School.

“If we can do it for $52 million, we’ll do it for $52 million, but it will be no more than $55 million,” board chairman James Rogers said Tuesday, during a joint meeting with the school committee on Zoom.

Voters will take up the matter at a special town meeting June 14, followed by the town election June 22. It will be the second time in recent years the town has faced a decision about whether to update the 92-year-old school.

The last school proposal, a demolition and replacement that was eligible for more than $14 million in state funding, failed by 21 votes in the ballot box in 2019.

No state money is available for the current proposal.

“If this project fails, the cost is only going to go up and the time is only going to be extended,” said Mr. Rogers, who also sits on the school building committee.

“We have to do something. Now is the time.”

Selectmen also approved town clerk Hillary Conklin’s request to add an early voting day, June 17 from 8:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. Mail-in voting will be available as well.

“I want to give voters every opportunity to cast their ballots this year, and I want them to be able to do it safely,” Ms. Conklin said.

“The legislature has passed these temporary election laws allowing for this, and I want to take full advantage of it.”

Entertainment presenter Adam Epstein received approval to rent Veterans Memorial Park July 23, July 24 and July 25 for a music series, with further permits and licenses pending.

Selectmen heard a request from developer Sam Dunn to establish vehicle access and parking rights for the Santander Bank property he hopes to redevelop.

Access to parking next to the building is important for the Martha’s Vineyard Chamber of Commerce, one of the intended tenants, Mr. Dunn said.

Board members agreed in principal to clarify vehicular access to the Santander complex, but made no decision on parking.

“I am supportive of the project. I just think the finer details need to be worked out,” Jeff Kristal said.

Town counsel David Doneski said Mr. Dunn’s request will still require regulatory review, regardless of the board’s response.

“It doesn’t have any independent regulatory status,” Mr. Doneski said.

Among other business Tuesday, the board renewed the Art Cliff diner’s eatery license and granted Tashmoo Boatyard two town-owned moorings to be installed in Lake Tashmoo.

Harbor master John Crocker said boatyard owner Michael Baptiste will be required to rent the moorings to boaters on the town’s mooring waiting list.

This was news to Mr. Baptiste, who said he had planned to rent to customers on his own waiting list.

“This was thrown at me tonight,” he said, arguing that state rulings on mooring rentals favor his interpretation.

“The town has its own moorings,” Mr. Baptiste said. “You guys have a lot more than I do.”

He said he will comply.

Mr. Rogers said a review of town mooring processes should be an upcoming priority for the recently-formed town waterways committee.

The select board also confirmed Kathleen Hoffman as the town’s new animal control officer, appointed James Burroughs to the open space and recreation committee and approved the addition of several seasonal officers to the police department staff.

The summer hires range from current college students to retired Tisbury fire chief John Schilling, who will join the department as a seasonal traffic safety officer.

“A huge part of traffic safety officers’ [job] is as an ambassador,” police chief Mark Saloio said. “I can’t think of anyone better than retired Chief Schilling to do that.”

Bill Straw, of the town energy committee, gave a report in which he urged the town to add more electric vehicle chargers to meet what he said is a growing demand among Island visitors that could lead to conflicts over the existing chargers.

“There’s an onslaught of people needing to charge their cars,” Mr. Straw said. “It’s coming and we need to have a plan.”

Selectmen continued until April 28, at 4:30 p.m., a hearing on a request from Vineyard Enterprises Inc. to relocate its Budget Car Rental business from 45 Beach Road to 19 Beach Road, where it would share space with the existing Island Adventures moped rental company.