Sean Murphy, the well-known Island attorney and Edgartown town meeting moderator, died Friday night after battling cancer.

Edgartown town administrator James Hagerty confirmed Mr. Murphy’s death Saturday.

Mr. Murphy was a familiar figure on the Island and had practiced law in Edgartown for many years, representing a wide array of clients and frequently appearing before local land use boards.

He was appointed moderator in 2018 after longtime moderator Jeff Norton had decided to retire.

He conceded at the time that he had big shoes to fill.

“Literally, and figuratively,” he told the Gazette that year. “I’m going to run it the same way Mr. Norton ran it for all these years. I don’t plan to change anything.”

Last year he presided over town meeting outdoors at the Edgartown School due to the pandemic, in late spring.

Town meeting will be held similarly this year late next month.

At their meeting Monday, Edgartown selectmen called for a moment of silence, offering condolences and appreciation for Mr. Murphy’s service as town moderator.

“I would like to acknowledge with great sadness, the passing of Sean Murphy, our town moderator, friend, colleague and all-around great guy,” selectman Arthur Smadbeck said.

After the moment of silence, town counsel Ron Rappaport offered his own words of gratitude, saying that Mr. Murphy’s two years as moderator — during the 2019 and 2020 town meetings — were far too short.

“He had all the qualities of an excellent moderator. He had great judgment. He was reasonable. He was decisive. And he had a wonderful sense of humor,” Mr. Rappaport said.

Mr. Rappaport added that he practiced law alongside Mr. Murphy for 25 years, saying that his qualities as a moderator carried over into the courtroom.

“He had a great ability to analyze and get to the heart of an issue quickly, and I held him in the highest regard. My sympathies go to his family, and his colleagues,” Mr. Rappaport said. “He will be greatly missed by all of us.”

Updated to include comments from the Monday selectmen’s meeting.

Noah Asimow contributed reporting.