Frosty relations between the town of Tisbury and the state Department of Transportation appeared to grow last week after a testy exchange over pothole repairs on Beach Road, where the state has hired Lawrence Lynch Corp. as its contractor for the roadway project.

“The select board want the potholes filled immediately,” town administrator John (Jay) Grande wrote Peter Kelly, Lawrence Lynch’s project manager in an email last Wednesday. “Going forward they should be repaired within no less than 24 hours.”

Mr. Grande also told Mr. Kelly that the potholes were not repaired properly the first time, and asked why they had not be fixed as soon as the town’s public works director, Kirk Metell, had requested days earlier.

The email was copied to Mr. Metell, the three members of the select board and MassDOT project engineer Michael Zuzevich, who promptly fired back at Mr. Grande.

“This email is unacceptable. We need to set the record straight on a few things,” Mr. Zuzevich wrote, half an hour after Mr. Grande sent his message.

“You, or anyone else from the town of Tisbury should not be contacting Lawrence Lynch Corp. making requests/demands unless the town of Tisbury plans on paying the bill.”

As for the potholes themselves, Mr. Zuzevich wrote: “We have pothole patched multiple times already and will make sure the situation is taken care of again.

“This will be something that needs to be addressed again and again, it’s an active construction site,” Mr. Zuzevich continued. “Emails like this should not be happening.”

Fraught since its earliest planning stages with disagreements over the planned shared-use path, the Beach Road project descended further into controversy when the state declined last month to move the town’s underground water and sewer infrastructure to accommodate the original plan.

Instead, MassDOT took the shared-use path off the table, disappointing planners who had long sought to close a gap in the Island’s network of bicycle trails.

The state is scheduled to put the Beach Road project on pause for the summer from Memorial Day weekend until after Labor Day.