In 2017 they entered Martha’s Vineyard Regional High School’s class of 2021 as freshmen. Many of the Chilmark kids have been together since their days at the Chilmark preschool with Chris Abrams and Dawn Braasch leading the charge. For six years after that they meandered their way through the halls of the Chilmark School, making their way from Miss Robin and Miss Eleanor’s K-1 class where they mastered letter land and hatched chicks to Jack and Cici’s 2-3 classroom where they practiced cursive writing and a whole lot of things that made learning fun. From there they traveled all the way to the other side of the school where the 4-5 classroom at the end of the hall was a place where they could finally be big kids coordinating the UNICEF fair, China Fair and May Day.

While in the 4-5 classroom with Ms. Jackie, Mrs. Larsen and Mariah steering the way, they took to the high seas on the Alabama (twice), road tripped to Sugarloaf Mountain in Carrabassett Valley, Me., paddled kayaks and so much more.

What they imagined would be a strange Covid-style graduation opened up and felt a little more like a victory lap. Almost every part of their last year changed because of Covid and they will feel the impact of those changes for years to come. But it ended on a high note. A sigh of relief. Congratulations to Bella Thorpe, Fynn Monahan, Brooks Carroll and Kiera McCarthy who have been side-by-side since preschool.

Congratulations to Josh Dix who also pomp and circumstanced on Sunday. A round of applause goes to Noah Glasgow who topped the class of 2021 at Falmouth Academy.

Congrats to all the 2021 grads. It’s been a wild ride.

Aiden Coombs is back to tow the line for another summer at the harbor department. He also graduated high school this past week as a proud member of the Milton High School class of 2021.

I’d like to express my condolences to the family of Bob Congdon who died last week in Fort Lauderdale where he and his bride Dianne made their home in recent years. Bob was a familiar face in town, having built a home in Prospect Hill and traveling in and out of Menemsha Harbor on his and Dianne’s boat Escapade.

In a recent conversation, Hans Solmssen shared that and Bob were high school roommates. That often-made statement “It’s a small world” is quite fitting in this instance. Despite the somber topic of a friend’s death it felt, once again, summer-normal to chat with Hans.

Congratulations to Justin Longval who has set the date for his advancement ceremony at the Coast Guard station in Menemsha. He will advance from senior chief petty officer to master chief petty officer on July 2. This is quite an accomplishment.

Congratulations to Bo Hornbuckle, son in law of Judie Jardin, who recently achieved the rank of rear admiral in the United States Navy. In May, he assumed duties as commander, Fleet Readiness Centers, Naval Air Systems Command in Patuxent River, Md. A big round of applause goes out to him, his bride Jackie and daughters Ruthie and Isobel who, as we all know, are a magnificent support system.

A big shout out to Nancy Aronie who is offering her Chilmark Writing Workshop once again in person. She’s a gem. Check out her website or give her a call.