Mother Nature is still playing with us. It has been a mixed-up few weeks. We even turned on the heat one day as the wind and rain was so cold. Now the humidity is on its way, so the roller coaster is still going strong.

Happy Birthday to all who celebrated their day this past week. Big balloons go out to Ana Amaral-Espinoza who celebrated on June 13; Elloah Ferreira, Christopher Greene, Brooke Roten and Zeke Thibodeau, who all celebrated on June 14; Kayra Carlos on June 17; and Teagan Brown and Heytor Dias who celebrate their day on June 18.

It has been interesting trying to keep people happy with things they want and need at the nursery. For example, we have all the flowers you want but getting a terra cotta pot is the most impossible thing. We have had an order in for three months and are still waiting. Patty called in an order for potting soil and mulches and was told they had both but no bags to put it in. So, I think the motto of the summer is “patience” as we wait for products to get caught up with the demand.

Jaqueline Da Silva has returned home after a trip to visit her mother Maria Augusta and her brother Marcos Mariano in Bahia Ilheus, Brazil. Jackie, who just graduated with a bachelor’s degree in nursing and works with Hospice, was able to spend a few weeks with her family to celebrate her graduation and visit the area around her city. She came home tanned, relaxed and ready to get on with her career.

My neighborhood has been busy this week. Dana Vickey has been here for a few weeks, enjoying the Island with some friends before her rentals begin. The former Look house has been spruced up for the summer, Harry and Judy Stotz have been here with family coming and going. Pat and Steve Waller have been busy with their new puppy Jarno. It is nice to see the street so lit up.

Whatever your plans are this summer, let’s be happy and safe.

Have a great week and keep the home candles burning.