Constantina M. Kostka and Brian M. Sullivan purchased 5 Thirteenth street south in Edgartown from Carrie-Lynn Whitney and John Conrad Whitney for $826,140 on June 8.

Andreas Kertesz Trs., Wendy Kertesz Trs. and Lima 2019 Trust purchased 56 North Summer street in Edgartown from Virginia C. Probst for $3,916,000 on June 8.

14 Puwal Lane LLC purchased 14 Puwal Lane in Edgartown from Kevin John Cunningham and Jennifer Elizabeth Cunningham for $4,900,000 on June 8.

Alena Romashkina Grady purchased 81 Eleventh street south and 84 Tenth street south in Edgartown from James K. Rowell and John Maxwell Grady for $660,000 on June 10.

Sansouci LLC purchased 14 Shurtleffs Way in Edgartown from Jean M. Walshe for $1 on June 11.

501 Pradas Way LLC purchased 29 Pradas Way in Edgartown from Michael H. Biagiotti and Laurie A. Biogiotti for $1,650,000 on June 11.

Oak Bluffs

Fernanda Ianucci and Gustavo Magri Lioncio purchased 2 Leslie Lane in Oak Bluffs from Susan M. Dostal for $865,000 on June 10.

Jesse H. Ausubel purchased 57 Rogers Way and 9 Dannys court in Oak Bluffs from Raymond T. Sylvia, Roxanne Sylvia and Roxanne Froias for $20,000 on June 11.

Paul Adolf Schulz III Trs., Jessica Cushman Trs. and Paul Schulz & Jessica Cushman Family Trust purchased 2 Harrison avenue in Oak Bluffs from Kristin L. Davin for $1,300,000 on June 7.

Vineyard Haven

Mirella P. B. Mendes and Diego C. Mendes purchased 50 Lantern Lane in Vineyard Haven from Jonathan P. Averill Trs., Kimberly M. Averill Trs., Jonathan P. Averill Revocable Trust and Kimberly M. Averill Revocable Trust for $830,000 on June 7.

Reade Kontje Milne purchased 39 Bettys Lane in Vineyard Haven from Gregory S. Milne and Reade Kontje Milne for $69,854 on June 8.

Hadley Martins and Timothy Martins purchased 47 Davis street in Vineyard Haven from Charles H. Robinson and Lara E. Robinson for $1,067,000 on June 9.

West Tisbury

Rene Alphonse and Philip Alphonse purchased 49 Lambert’s Cove Road in West Tisbury from Stephen Herbert Wise Trs., Ellie Wise Trs. and Ellie Wise Revocable Trust for $3,900,000 on June 7.