Well, that was teeming rain if I ever did see it! At least twice today. Saves me from watering.

Last year, Juneteenth was declared a Massachusetts state holiday. This will be our second year celebrating a most memorable day in our history as an official holiday.

WMVY will be presenting free Porch Concerts from their new office in West Tisbury. They will be held every Tuesday night starting July 13 through August 31. Concerts begin at 6 p.m. Caroline Sky, the Jason Spooner Band and Sean Della Croce are just some of the fabulous musicians being featured. The concerts will be streamed on Facebook and at MVYRADIO.org. Let’s listen together.

Our library continues to expand hours, find new books, offer computer services and present new programs. There is now a Spice Club and, always, poetry. The plans for the library expansion are in the works.

As are the plans for the renovation of the Tisbury School. A town meeting to discuss the school project was held last Saturday. But remember: the vote on this comes up on Tuesday, June 22. Be sure to exercise your right to vote.

Louisa Gould moves on with new artists at her gallery on Main street. Susan Evans is the featured artist this week.

I was so sad to hear that famous teacher, musician and all-around elegant and distinctive lady Priscilla Sylvia has passed. She was wonderful.

Anniversary bouquets go to Chris and Carol Kennedy on 44 years of wedded bliss.

And on June 13, the birthday bandwagon pulled along my cousin Elise Gardella. Many happy returns.