Everyone is in a heat wave and it has been warm and humid but we have been lucky to have a nice breeze blowing and keeping it all bearable. This is when we are always happy that we are 10 degrees cooler than the mainland.

Happy birthday to all who celebrated their day this past week. Big balloons go out to Emanuelly Tomaz on June 26, Emma Waltersdorf on June 30, Sophia Santos on July 1 and to Maria DeFreitas and Taylor Golding who celebrate their day today, July 2.

This is the holiday week. Traffic is up and it takes more time to get through the triangle into town. I drove through town on Sunday and had a great idea to go to Espresso Love for coffee and a Mike’s Breakfast. It was 8 a.m. and I thought “How crowded could it be?” Well, when I got to the top of Main street, there was not a parking space to be had all the way down to town hall. I pulled into the courthouse parking lot and that was full. The Edgartown Diner was full, which is a good thing for them, I lucked out as someone pulled out. I got a space and went in to fulfill my craving. I have to say that the people behind the counter were busy and never stopped making coffee and bagels, filling orders of muffins and taking lunch orders for the beach. I waited 20 minutes for my bagel but how could you complain when these young people never stopped doing their duties? I walked out of there satisfied with my breakfast.

Even though this is a busy week, I am so happy to see some familiar faces. Not only without masks but also some we have not seen for two seasons as they have been careful in what they were doing. It is nice to catch up and see that they are healthy, and that their families are also well. But we are all still keeping our distance for safety.

I hope you all enjoy your holiday weekend and I hope everyone is safe. I know the fireworks are canceled but I also know some will set off their own. It has been dry, so please be careful.

Have a great week and keep the home candles burning.