This Saturday, July 17, is the hazard waste collection day at the Martha’s Vineyard Refuse District in Edgartown. To save Chappaquiddickers the hassle of going all the way over to the transfer station near the airport, the Chappy water committee has arranged for pre-collection that morning at the Chappaquiddick Community Center between 7 and 8 a.m. The Schuster family has offered their pickup truck and their time to haul the Chappy yucky stuff up to the main collection site. Please be prompt. This is a huge favor on the part of the water committee and the Schusters. Compare the several hours that it would take you to go individually to the transfer station with the quarter of an hour that it will take you to zip over to the CCC.

You can get rid of motor oil, gasoline, paint thinner, oil-based paint, pesticides, herbicides, etc. At this collection, they don’t take latex paints, batteries or smoke detectors. If you have something that’s not listed above, call Lys Pike at 508-627-4501 to find out if it’s acceptable. Please don’t bring leaky containers. The collection crew at the CCC doesn’t have the hazmat protective gear like the crew at the transfer station wears.

The Chappy water committee is a special issue volunteer panel of the Chappaquiddick Island Association. They are devoted to actively protecting the sole source aquifer that provides all of the potable water to Chappy. Take this opportunity to conveniently rid your household of hazardous materials.