We made it through Elsa and now it is a little cooler, but the warm weather is on its way again. I again think we are one month behind. I feel this weather we are having now is June’s usual weather.

Happy Birthday to all who celebrated their day this past week. Big balloons go out to Amy Maeda, Phillip Pruciano and Cameron Stanton, who all celebrated July 10; Dominick Assis, July 11; Shyanne Batchelder, July 13; Natalina Ben David, Jacob Branca, Hector Louriano Ferreira and Katelyn Tankersley on July 14; and to Sharon Da Silva, who celebrates her day today, July 16.

I went over to my great-great nephew Oliver’s birthday this past weekend. Like many, I was afraid I would get stuck on the Island with Elsa coming, so I left a day earlier. Thinking it would be easier to come into Falmouth instead of Woods Hole, I took the Island Queen instead of the Steamship Authority. I have not been on that boat in so long that when I got on it, I had deja vu. It took me right back to my mom and I going school shopping at Bradlees and walking back to Friendly’s for ice cream. My ride was an uneventful trip over, with lots of people to watch. When I arrived, it was much easier to get out of town.

Congratulations to Josh Kresel, Jenna Beauegard and Julian Pepper for their great day of fishing in the Fluke for Luke tournament this past weekend. The team, called Two Buoys and a Gull, fished both days. On Sunday, Josh won the largest fluke; Jenna, the second largest; and Julian won the largest sea bass in the adult category. As a team, they came in second but they were happy with their catch. As a recipient of some fresh fluke, I was also happy with their catch.

There are a lot of cars on the Island right now. I think it might be easy right now to find a lot of different state plates to identify. It used to be a great competition with friends to see who could be the first to find all of the state plates. I have seen quite a few and I do not go anywhere except to work and, of course, Stop & Shop, where you can find a goldmine of plates.

Have a great week and keep the home candles burning.