Just the right beach weather this week. Not too sunny but warm and welcoming.

Seth Meyers will once again host the 43rd Annual Possible Dreams Auction to benefit Martha’s Vineyard Community Services. This will be an online auction at 5 p.m. on Sunday, July 25 available on event.handbid.com. Join in the fun.

Welcome to Aquinnah special summer police officer Corey Medeiros who is enjoying his first season at Aquinnah circle.

Get well wishes to Keyshawn Devine, who was injured in an accident near his home a week ago. He has been receiving treatment at Boston Children’s Hospital after being transferred from Martha’s Vineyard Hospital. Keyshawn will require further treatments upon his return home. There is a GoFundMe Page set up for donations to assist Keyshawn and his family over the ensuing months.

There will be a celebration of life service for Elaine Marchant Ciancio on July 24 at the PA Club at 4 p.m. Light desserts and coffee will be available for those attending to share time with her family and friends.

Josh Boytek, his wife Fatine Othmane, and five-year old son Logan departed the Vineyard on Monday for their new home in Hatteras, N.C. We know they will be back to visit as they have sand in their shoes!

Judge James Hubert, his wife Jody and their family are enjoying the boating and other great adventures at their longtime home.

Jennifer Staples has been with her mother, Kristina Ann Kestenbaum Williams Hook Leslie, for the past month while at their shop on the cliffs, Bowen’s Arrow. Jennifer’s friend Deanna joined them for three weeks and already misses her experience in Aquinnah.

It was a pleasure having lunch with Jan Tracy over the weekend. Their family Christmas letter is a joy to receive but to see Jan and Tom in person is even better, especially after a few years of not seeing them. Judy Lane joined in for a chat. Lunch will have to be an annual event. The Tracy family has headed home from their Aquinnah stay: Jan heading to Florida, their grandchildren to Pennsylvania, and Tom to Chautauqua for a week. Such excitement.

Happy 68th Anniversary wishes to Bill and Joan Kistner on July 25. They celebrated a few weeks ago with their six children, most of their nine grandchildren, as well as most of their great-grandchildren flying in from a variety of states. Cheers for many more years.

Happy Anniversary wishes to John and Jan Wightman on July 27.

Happy Anniversary wishes to Jim Wallen and Kathleen Smith on July 30.

Happy Birthday wishes went out this week to Wendy Weldon on July 19 and Ted Mayhew on Jul 20.

This week’s birthday wishes go to Sheila Jason and Skip Finley on July 23, Captain Hugh Taylor and Lisa Pachico share the day on July 24, Suzanne Boyer observes her special day on July 26. Nick Gonsalves will party on the 26th. Jay Theise and Whitney Swolinzky share the day on the 27th. Vera Della Russo will celebrate on July 28, sharing the day with Michael Sellitti. Hollis Smith, Deborah Jernegan, and Greg Orcutt all celebrate on the 29th. Jamie Sue Vanderhoop will party on the 30th as will Polly Galbraith, Ivan Bolkovac and Clara Corjulo. Fynn Monahan parties on the 31st as will Terry Pothier and Bernadette Crossland.