I know people don’t believe it, but we are getting some much-needed rain. Yes, we have had humidity and fog but nothing to saturate the ground. The best scenario would be that it rained at night and then the sun shines all day, but we know how that is.

Happy Birthday to all who celebrated their day this past week. Big balloons go out to Grace Hanlon, who celebrated August 7, and to Achshaph Braz and Cameron Lavigne who celebrated their day on August 11.

Happy Anniversary to Paul and Nancy Rucker, who celebrated their 46th wedding anniversary on August 9. Paul and Nancy have been coming to spend their anniversary week here on the Island since 2000. Congratulations and here’s to many more years together.

Special anniversary wishes to Jane and Dick Barbini, who celebrated their 50th anniversary on August 7. Jane and Dick now live off-Island to be closer to their daughter Lisa and her husband Francis, and their son and daughter in law Ryan and Chelsea and their children, Taylor and Phebe. But they are missed by many friends on the Island and we always wish them well and many more happy years together.

The Minnesingers will have a booth at the Agricultural Fair. They are raising money for their planned trip to Austria this year. Like most, they are two years behind in fundraising. They will have chances for Wicked tickets, which includes the flight to Boston and hotel accommodations; a sunset cruise on the Island; and an ultimate sports memorabilia package. They are hoping to raise $20,000 with these raffles, which will cover five students’ trips. So, if you are at the fair, check out their booth.

I laughed when I read a little snippet saying, “Keep your car doors locked. It is zucchini season”. I remembered when this was so true. I worked on Main street and would leave work and find squash in my car because a lot of my friends had gardens and an abundance of squash to give away. Hence, that is when you had zucchini for most meals and zucchini bread was discovered. Now I look for Morning Glory Farm’s corn. But I keep my car doors locked when I am working, so I guess that option is out.

Have a great week and keep the home candles burning.