It is layer weather. You have to dress warmly in the morning and by noon you are shedding one or two layers. Just after 3 p.m., you start putting them back on.

It is hard to put away clothes and bring out the warmer ones. I am waiting for sweatshirt weather, and they are all out and ready to go.

Happy Birthday to all who celebrated their day this past week. Big balloons go out to McCabe Neadow and Michael Waters, who celebrated on Sept. 25; Quinlan Meuse and Jake Stanton on Sept. 27; Helena Goncalves and Gabrielle McKenzie on Sept. 28; Connor Beeson on Sept. 29; Colt Hannah, Jocie Smith and Jax Trott on Sept. 30; and to Dylan Beeson and Keiry Fonseca, who celebrate their day on Oct. 1.

Happy Anniversary to Ted and Judy Mayhew, who celebrated their 60th wedding anniversary on Sept. 23. They have two daughters and sons in law, Rebecca Mayhew and Mike Hewitt, and Sarah and Charlie Shipway. They also have one grandson Tyler Shipway.

Ted was President of Dukes County Savings Bank for many years and was a great boss. He went undaunted through all the changes in the banking industry.

I remember when my dad needed a loan one winter, and we came all the way to Edgartown to see Ted. My dad walked in and told Ted he needed a loan for something. Ted stood up, went to the checkbook, wrote out a check for $600, gave my dad the little payment booklet and they shook hands. There was no signing over your firstborn or blood type and whatever else you need these days. It was all the honor system, and everyone honored him.

Judy stood by him all those years and was always incredibly supportive of Ted and us when needed. We were all family and we all loved them, so I wish them a very happy anniversary and many more.

It was great to see Jon Kresel, who was here for the weekend, to do some derby fishing with his brother Josh. Jon was joined by his wife Courtney and his twins, Parker and Wesley.

There are only 12 more Fridays until Christmas. I have been listening to the news and they are warning that toys may be short because of the shortage of overseas shipments. Again, we always say we are going to be prepared this year. Well, we shall see.

Have a great week and keep the home candles burning.