There is no need to rhapsodize about the weather, which sings for itself. The water is still warm. It’s a banner year for acorns, which locals say portends a cold, wet winter. But lots of acorns, supposedly also means lots of mice.

If you know a pig, they always appreciate a nice bucket of acorns, and pigs don’t spread Lyme disease.

At the West Tisbury School, band lessons and student banking resume this week, and the Book Fair flyers are beginning to come home in folders.

I saw a little graph on the internet that showed how long it’s been since the before-times. For example, if your child is in third grade, the last “normal” year of school he had was in kindergarten. On the whole, the schools here have done an amazing job of keeping things real.

Last weekend, Woodbe Farm represented the Island at the New England Dressage Regional Championships in Saugerties, N.Y. Owner and trainer Tracey Olsen, along with her students, had a successful show. Thanks to Elyce Retmier for this news.

Give your future self the gift of homegrown garlic! Fall is the time to plant this easy and gratifying crop. Learn how with Ethan from Grey Barn on Oct. 14 at 5:30 p.m. Register on the Agricultural Society’s website.

Gary and Kristina Kinsman Maynard just returned from a 10-day camping adventure at Kejimkujik National Park and National Historic Site in Nova Scotia. Kristina brought back a glowing report of seals, eagles, old growth hemlock forests and friendly Canadians.

Congratulations to the multi-talented West Tisbury seventh grader Mathilda Moehnke for winning the All-Island Kids’ Derby art contest. I can’t wait to see her entry. She is good at everything, that one.

The Charter School is busy with fundraising preparations for the eighth grade trip to Italy. Janie Flanders posted some photographs of the shells they are painting for holiday ornaments and wreaths. They will be selling these gorgeous creations at tables set up around the Island, so keep an eye out. When I hear further details, I will deliver them.

Another autumn fundraiser is the opportunity for businesses to “adopt” scarecrows, which have to be seen to be believed. My kids and I cannot wait for the scarecrows to show up!

Sarah Waters Steigleman was kind enough to offer the news that the Lambert’s Cove Inn is for sale. Get your bids in now, everyone.

If you’re feeling like island-hopping, now is the time. Through Oct. 11, Islanders can travel to Nantucket for just $29 per adult and $19 per child. You’ll need your profile number to get the discount when you book.

About fifty percent of Nantucket’s shoreline is accessible to the public and the story of how they have made that happen is rather interesting.

Happy 11th birthday to our Gusto. It seems like just yesterday I was eating a coconut popsicle at five in the morning, wondering if it was time to go to the hospital. It’s true what they say: the days are long but the years are short.