The children have stopped running up and down the dock to drop their crabs, fish and other little sea creatures in the Texaco’s touch tank. All that running around would make them hungry and thirsty.

Gryphon, Latham, Nell, Mae, Dylan, Gray, Riley, Breyer and many, many others have turned their attention to school, soccer, play dates and more, so the touch tank has traveled off site--also known as my yard--for a few necessary repairs and perhaps a fresh coat of paint.

Things around the harbor are still happening. Despite the wind, rain and rough seas that seem to come up without much warning, derby fisher people are bustling about.

The Colorado guys, as we call them, have been a presence on the jetty for the past couple of weeks. Brian, Brad, Sarge and a few others here and there pack their pockets with snacks each morning and set up camp on the jetty. Although a lot of casting and reeling does take place, there’s an equal amount of sipping coffee and shooting the breeze that happens, too.

Rick and Donnell Penney slid into a Menemsha Harbor slip on their boat, Sea Cure, for a little rest, relaxation and derby fishing. Rick was a grand leader in the derby back in 2011. His striped bass was nearly the size of my then-eight year old, Brooks. I have the picture to prove it.

Their daughter, Jess, now in her 30s, had an opportunity to join them which, of course, was a highlight for mom and dad. Son Jonathan couldn’t make it on this particular trip but hopes to join his folks on another Menemsha adventure in the future.

For Jana Gailiunas, Menemsha Harbor was a sweet childhood escape with her parents and sisters on their boat, Ancient of Days. She and younger sister Kara palled around with my daughter Bradley during their tween years. But life got in the way and Menemsha fell from their radar.

Although many years have passed, Jana’s marriage to Nicholas Johnson brought them all back. The couple celebrated with family and friends at the Captain Flanders House, nestled in amongst the fields of Bliss Pond Farm.

The Gailiunas-Johnson wedding drew in another boat family that has frequented the harbor over the years. Drew Smith, once a teenage harbor department employee, along with his parents Scott and Lynn, ventured over from the Cape to celebrate. Drew is an engineer with SubCom.

Walter Greene and Michelle Episcopo gave cause for celebration last weekend. The two made their union official by exchanging vows on a sunny early October afternoon. Congratulations and may life together bring you continued adventure.

Their union prompted the Bandi family (Leslie, Brent, River and Nico) to travel from their home in northern California. They left the Vineyard when the boys were little. Now they are in high school and tower over most average height folks. Kids grow quickly.

All these weddings remind me that Hillary and John Keene celebrated 25 years of marriage this past week. I remember the day well, celebrating their union at the North Rock. What a fun party. Congratulations to them, and to Becky and Mike Hewitt who celebrate 25 on the very same day.

Although I didn’t have an opportunity to interact with more than a quick wave and a smile through the window, it was enough to provide me the ability to report that Adam Geiger was here. Having traveled from his home in Australia, he found the time to sit a spell on Squid Row and catch up with former longtime neighbor, Wayne Iacono.