I am enjoying the much-needed rain. On Sunday, I planted some perennials Sunday and when I dug about two inches down, the soil was like powder. It seems that we have had a lot of moisture but the heat and the wind dry things faster. So, I will take a few days of rain.

Happy Birthday to all who celebrated this past week. Big balloons go out to Ilana Batista, Isla Ditchfield and Hailey Smith, who all celebrated on Oct. 2; Robert Moriarty, Tristan Talbot and Lucy Tawa, Oct. 3; Shanoiya Coke and Mason Tawa, Oct. 4; Chevy Lavergne and Wendella Rosa, Oct. 5; Rayassa Moraes, Oct. 6; and to Alana Rosbeck on Oct. 7.

It is October and many things change. The days are shorter; it is harder to get up in the morning because it is still dark at 7 a.m.; it is cooler; colors are changing on the trees; and there is less traffic.

But family scalloping is now open, and men are sitting in trees again. Yes, hunting season is open. The warning is out there: if you are walking in the woods or near a trail, you should have some orange on or talk very loudly. If you are taking the dog for a walk, please leash it in the hunting areas so they are not mistaken for a deer.

At the Edgartown Library, Chef Chris Look is back with his live-on-Zoom cooking series, creating delicious dishes from his own kitchen. It starts on Thursday, Oct. 14. A professional for almost 20 years, Chris is one of the most imaginative cooks we know and his affable personality makes him a natural teacher.

For October, the chef will prepare a pumpkin and apple macaroni and cheese, topped by a bleu cheese crumble. In Chris’s own words, it’s “a stunner” of a recipe. It’s the perfect comfort food to bring us into fall, with the rich, sweet and savory flavors of the season. The recipe will be emailed to all registered attendees so you can cook along with Chris or just enjoy the show.

This program has been generously funded by the Friends of the Edgartown Free Public Library.

The Zoom link for this program will open half an hour before the program’s start time. Go to edgartownlibrary.org and set up your devices, get comfortable, and turn your mic and video off until you are invited to turn them on again. The program will be recorded.

The Friends of the Edgartown Free Public Library has generously provided the funding for the program.

I reported last week that Ted and Judy Mayhew celebrated their 60th wedding anniversary. Their daughter Sarah sent more information that I did not receive on time.

I think it was great that they were married in St. Mary’s church in Hitchin, Hertfordshire, England. They met at a dance at Ted’s Air Force base. Again, Happy Anniversary and here is to many more.

Have a great week and keep the home candles burning.