There is a moment almost every year when I’m out in the middle of the woods, wearing brown, and it dawns on me that it’s hunting season. The Land Bank has a list of non-hunting properties where you can hike without your heart in your throat.

Good luck to everyone in filling their freezers this year! Let’s hope for a banner venison harvest. Molly Scarbrough got her first bow kill on the very first day of the season.

Congratulations to Brian Athearn for his much-deserved Spirit of the Vineyard Award. This award recognizes those who volunteer their skills and time to make our island a better place to be. Brian’s amazing venison donation program is just one of his contributions. Louisa Hufstader has a great article about him in this paper; check it out.

Don’t miss the Harvest Festival at the Agricultural Hall on Saturday, Oct. 16 from 10 a.m. to 3 p.m. There will be pumpkin carving, cider pressing, wagon rides and live music by the Pickpocket Bluegrass Band. Goldie’s food truck will be there, along with lots of other local food options for your lunching pleasure.

As we all know, the fourth day of the fair was cancelled because of stormy weather. The Agricultural Society is giving us some of the missed events, such as the women’s skillet toss and the draft horse show. These crowd favorites might be even more fun in the fall, and admission is free! Check out the Ag Society’s website for more information.

An interesting literary mystery is afoot in town, involving crazy ladies, anonymous novelists and books left here and there for librarians to find. That is all I am going to say this week about it. I’m saving it for Halloween because I need more time. Also, happily, we are unlikely to have any other big spooky goings-on in West Tisbury this month.

Joe Schroeder invites West Tisbury School kids from grades 5-8 to open gym mornings, 7:30 to 8 a.m. The school website has the dates. Jumping and running around is a great way to start the day, or so I hear.

We saw lots of West Tisbury people at LadyFest the other night, including Amelia Smith, Diana Waring and Holly Wayman. What a great event it is.

Happy birthday to the beautiful, fabulous Ellen Gaskill. Ellen, if you are reading this, you’re the best and everyone knows it.