Heather T. Roy purchased 11 Hammett Lane in Chilmark from Camille Ann Shea and Raymond Phillip Shea for $1,000,000 on Oct. 8.


Jeffrey G. Stuecken and Julie S. Stuecken purchased 11 Boldt Farms Way in Edgartown from Linley M. Dolby and David Weagle for $4,175,000 on Oct. 5.

Curtis Edgartown LLC purchased 7 Curtis Lane in Edgartown from Stella E. Dawley for $1,617,000 on Oct. 7.

Kristen Jackson Trs., Ronald Jackson Trs. and 5 Teaberry Lane Nominee Realty Trust purchased 5 Teaberry Lane in Edgartown from Patrick B. Stiriti Jr. for $955,000 on Oct. 7.

Adam C Powell 4th and Colleen Richards Powell purchased 4 Hye Lane in Edgartown from Ana Paula F. Martins and Ezequiel B. Lacerda for $1,400,000 on Oct. 8.

Justin Huchel purchased 64 Road to the Plains in Edgartown from Joanne P. Lachowitz for $1,150,000 on Oct. 8.

David Salomon and Kimberley Salomon purchased 11 Jordan Way in Edgartown from 11 Jordan Way LLC for $4,000,000 on Oct. 8.

Oak Bluffs

Island Investment Properties LLC purchased 184 Circuit avenue in Oak Bluffs from Mary Dzialo for $950,000 on Oct. 5.

Whats Cracklin LLC purchased Units 4 and 11 at 8 Circuit ave extension in Oak Bluffs from Laurette Hauser for $258,000 on Oct. 5.

EEH Impact LLC purchased 8 School House Village in Oak Bluffs from Joseph L. Langhorn and Alisa Langhorn for $1,270,000 on Oct. 7.

Van Euk Cees purchased 28 Narragansett avenue in Oak Bluffs from Robert Canter for $1,750,000 on Oct. 7.

Kathleen Koehler purchased 16 Hiawatha avenue in Oak Bluffs from Cheryl M. Grenier Trs. and Grenier Realty Trust-2017 for $750,000 on Oct. 7.

Vineyard Haven

Lot 3 MVY LLC purchased property on Holmes Hole Road in Vineyard Haven from Marston S. Goodale for $232,000 on Oct. 4.

Tank Holdings LLC purchased 116 Canterbury Lane in Vineyard Haven from Charlotte Wright and Donald Low Wright for $1,215,000 on Oct. 4.

Nicole Caesar Mitchell purchased 86 Greenwood avenue in Vineyard Haven from Johanna Frank and Selma Frank Est. for $835,000 on Oct. 4.

Thiago Marques Junqueira purchased 165 Bernard circle in Vineyard Haven from Barbara Jo Geary for $750,000 on Oct. 5.

Christopher M. Gallagher and Katherine A. Gallagher purchased 79 William street in Vineyard Haven from RF Falcon LLC for $2,602,000 on Oct. 6.

Peter Bernard Rich and Ellen Bridget Sullivan purchased 160 Bernard circle in Vineyard Haven from Vineyard 5 LLC Trs. and 160 Bernard Circle Realty Trust for $950,000 on Oct. 6.

Ubaldo Cristiano Miller, Laurete Nunes Miller and Nilzete Nunes DeSouza Miller purchased 115 West Spring street in Vineyard Haven from Jiri Luncar, Ivana Luncarova and Ivana Luncar for $950,000 on Oct. 7.

Boland Realty LLC purchased 44 Edgartown Road in Vineyard Haven from Denise Orenstein for $1,200,000 on Oct. 8.

Nicole Bilzerian purchased property on Red Coat Hill Road in Vineyard Haven from Rosemarie Charette, Kathleen Radcliffe, Steven Radcliffe, John Adams and Certificate of Municipal Liens for $275,000 on Oct. 8.

West Tisbury

Vanessa L. Bryant Indiv. and Trs., Tracy L. Rich GST Family Trust and Tracy L. Rich Revocable Trust purchased 243 Pond Road in West Tisbury from John D. Ready Jr., Trs. and John D. Ready Jr. Trust for $3,425,000 on Oct. 4.