We have had a few rainy days, but the rest have been enjoyable. It has been a bit windy, and the windsurfers have taken good advantage of it.

Happy birthday to all who celebrated their day this past week. Big balloons go out to Sarah Martin and Nazare McIntosh, who celebrated Oct. 9, Grady Phelps on Oct. 11, Charlotte Knapp on Oct. 12, Miles Brown on Oct. 13, Taj Barbosa on Oct. 14, and to Matheus Sandoval, who celebrates his day on Oct. 15.

Not too long ago, when Labor Day came, there was a grand exit of Island visitors and business closed. Now it is Columbus Day weekend, and some places are closing. It is the end of the derby, but scalloping season is coming. Some restaurants are closing but there are still enough open. People stay longer and who could blame them? It is such a pretty time of year.

I had errands to do with my niece Tina and we took a ride home along Beach Road. It is always a scenic ride when you can start at the bandstand, with all the geese wandering around, then along Waban Park, to come to all the houses with Montauk daisies blooming to their fullest.

We missed seeing the serpent in the pond as it had already been put away for the winter. Coming over the small bridge, you could see one or two boats in the pond.

On the ocean side, the water was that beautiful aqua blue color. It looked inviting but I am sure there would be a chill while trying to get a toe in. The big bridge looked a little naked with the lack of divers jumping off the railings. The seagulls were hoovering over the shoreline, looking for bait. Then we traveled into our own town and home.

One little errand and one beautiful afternoon.

Have a great week and keep the home candles burning.