More than 700 people have received third doses of the Pfizer vaccine at Martha's Vineyard Hospital, while new confirmed cases of Covid-19 continue at a steady pace.

In their weekly case count released Monday, the Island boards of health reported 26 cases of Covid-19 had been diagnosed for the week ending Saturday, Oct. 16. From Sunday through Thursday, 15 more cases were confirmed. Nineteen of the 26 cases were in fully vaccinated individuals.

The number of cases for the week was just one higher than the previous week’s total of 25. The rate of infection had been declining from a mid-August surge, reaching a low of eight for the week ending Sept. 25, before creeping up again.

No new case clusters have been reported since the summer.

Four of the cases confirmed for the week ending Oct. 16 were in children 10 and under, who are not eligible to be vaccinated. Six of the cases were in people 70 and older. The largest concentration of cases — eight — were in people 30 to 39.

As of Tuesday, Martha’s Vineyard Hospital reported it had administered 740 third-dose booster shots to people who had received two doses of the Pfizer vaccine. Booster shots are available to people 65 and older and those with immune deficiencies. On Wednesday, the FDA approved a third dose booster shot for people 65 and older and high-risk individuals who received the Moderna vaccine. The hospital has not indicated when it will begin offering third-dose Moderna shots.