There are a lot of people who vow not to put their heat on until Nov. 1. As much as I love the cooler weather, I put the heat on just enough to take the chill out of the house. Then it goes off again. I am not ready to close the windows. I love the smell of fresh air in the house.

Happy Birthday to all who celebrated their day this past week. Big balloons go out to Arthur Avansini and Wolfgang Goff who celebrated on Oct. 17; John Curelli on Oct. 18; Lara Hathaway and Maya Wallace on Oct. 20; Sawyer Grady on Oct. 21; and to Yan DeOliviera, who celebrates his day today, Oct. 22.

Congratulations to all the derby winners. I watched the junior division results on the derby Facebook page and was so happy to see all the participants. The enthusiasm and sportsmanship of the young anglers was the highlight of the whole ceremony.

Beth and Bill Erickson traveled to Maine to visit with daughter Laura and her boyfriend Joe Ruggiero. Also, grandson Jonathan and great-grandson Colton, and granddaughters Kya and Mackenzie. They had a great visit and they also picked up the newest addition to Beth and Bill’s household. Their new puppy is an Australian shepherd whose name is still pending.

I have been following Polly Toomey and her adventure with daughter Emma as they go college hopping -- looking at perspective colleges for Emma, who graduates in June. Once again, the gray hairs are coming to the top of my head because it was not too long ago when I was sitting behind Polly and her parents, Jim and Rickie, and her sister Anne, in church. She herself was probably 11 or 12. Emma grew up to be as beautiful as her mother. Emma’s dad is Patrick and he and Polly own and run Among the Flowers.

When I walk the dog, it is nice to see the ballpark and fields all full of some activity. The playground is busy with kids running between slides and swings, the (what I call) hockey pen, guys playing soccer, and another group playing soccer at the end of the playground. There is always someone in the basketball court and a few people playing tennis. The outfield of the baseball area usually has people practicing lacrosse or just throwing the ball to each other.

I am just reminding you that there are only 11 more Fridays until Christmas. I can honestly say that I have started. I have plenty more to go, but it is a start.

Have a great week and keep the home candles burning.