A diminished West Tisbury select board debated Wednesday whether to call a special election to replace late board member Kent Healy.

“Having a full board is important,” board member Skipper Manter said, favoring a special election in January. “I hate to see some important matter come between Cindy and I and we can’t come to a majority on something that needs a vote,” he said.

“I have a different view, Skipper,” board member Cynthia Mitchell said, noting that prospective candidates for Mr. Healy’s seat would have to file papers within the next two weeks for a special election in January.

“I think it’s a good opportunity to give people some time to reflect . . . about whether this is something they really want to do,” she said, adding: “It’s a commitment, as you know, as I know.”

Ms. Mitchell said she had confidence that she and Mr. Manter could manage as a two-member select board until the annual town meeting in April.

“You and I have been through a lot together [and] we can do this together, I know, for as long as we need to,” she said. “To honor Kent’s memory and his service and to just let it play out in a more natural way, to me seems to make sense.”

Town resident Prudence Burt agreed.

“I have complete faith that the two of you can get through this time — can and will,” she said.

Mr. Manter and Ms. Mitchell agreed not to call for a special election, although one could be required by citizen petition if 200 signatures are verified. Absent a special election, there will be two select board seats on the April ballot: Mr. Healy’s, with a term ending in 2023, and Ms. Mitchell’s, a three-year term.

Among other business Wednesday, the board agreed not to hold the town hall holiday party, for the second year of the pandemic, due to concerns about an indoor party in close quarters with eating and drinking.

“I think we should not encourage more gathering at this point,” Ms. Mitchell said. “This last week, after we hit a new low for positive [Covid-19] cases, it’s rising again [and] every time this happens, it has continued to rise,” she said. “As hard as it is not to be able to get together with people we want to see, it’s the wisest course and I think we should set the example.”

Before adjourning, the board members looked back at the previous night’s special town meeting, which included a vote in favor of a new assessment formula for the three towns funding Tri-Town Ambulance. “What a nice town meeting it was,” Ms. Mitchell said. “There was open discussion, exchange of views, but the fact that with the Tri Town article . . . community won out, I thought was commendable, and I’m proud of West Tisbury voters for what they did last night.”

Mr. Manter concurred. “I thought it was a very positive meeting,” he said, although he voted against the Tri Town Ambulance article. “Even though I was on the losing side . . . I do not disagree with the outcome,” Mr. Manter said.

“The way that played out was a big flower in West Tisbury’s hat.”

The board will not meet next week