Members of the Chilmark Fire Department are in the home stretch of taking the EMT course. Seventeen-year old junior firefighter Emma Mayhew has been studying hard in anticipation of taking the national exam once she turns 18 in the spring. Speaking of studying, the youngest grandchild of Beth and Paul Mayhew and charter school senior just received her first college acceptance letter from Bridgewater State University.

Ella Oskan, another charter school senior and the daughter of George and Katie, hit the ball out of the park and scored her first college acceptance letter as well. Salem State University offered her a spot for the 2022-23 school year. Congratulations.

Rumor has it the cheesy folks at the Grey Barn submitted a couple of entries to the 2021 World Cheese Awards as part of the Asturias Paraiso Natural Internacional Cheese Festival earlier this month. They received some top honors: a bronze rating for their Bluebird Reserve and a gold rating for their Prufrock. Molly and Eric Glasgow, along with cheese makers Joe and David and their divine bovine, are a pretty impressive bunch. Bravo.

Katy Smith and Josh Markievitz are in town from their home in Attleboro to feast on turkey with all the fixings at a table with Katy’s folks Kathy and Bill. They’re also passing the time with sister Sam and Phil Hollinger. While in town, catching up with friends and doing some projects around the Menemsha Crossroads home are priorities.

Erin Delaney and Travis Lenkner are at their Wooten Bassett home this week along with kiddos Jack and Greta. Just like the good ole days at the Secor house where family bubbled over for the holidays, the Delaney/Lenkner house aimed to do the same. After traveling from Chicago, the fab four were joined by grandmother Betsey Delaney. Erin’s sister Elizabeth, husband John and niece Harriet were in the mix, too, along with a couple of cousins, an aunt and uncle and quite possibly a dog. It sure does sound like a lot of fun.

I had the pleasure of bumping into Ann Wallace the other day. Although she lives just a couple of miles from me, we don’t see one another nearly often enough. We have resorted to being email pen pals. This personal encounter was much needed, prompted school-girl giggles from both of us and improved the outlook for the rest of my day.

Adelaide Keene flew 2,000 miles from her new home in Denver to catch up on some quality family time. John and Hillary have three of their four children under their roof this week. Although that’s wonderful, they’re missing Thea, who is attending University College Dublin through a study abroad program at Northeastern University.

Adelaide is making the most of her visit with boating adventures, beach walks and some cousins in the mix. Also thrown into the wonderful fray is Ella’s new five-month old pup, Poppy. Poppy has settled right in alongside K-9 sibling Kinta.

I’m thankful for Ben Retmier, Traci Cooney, Bradley Carroll, Amanda Gonsalves and Samantha Smith, who were on duty for Tri-Town Ambulance this past Thursday. I’m thankful for Bill Fielder and Sean Slavin who were on duty for the Chilmark Police Department. I’m thankful they stand by quietly and have our backs when we need them.

I’m thankful for Marshall Carroll, who opened up the Texaco and poured hot coffee for those who needed a break from the smells of roasting turkey or simply needed a moment to chat with a friend.

I’m thankful I had the opportunity to travel to see my parents, aunts and uncles, and a cousin or two for good measure. Maine, New Hampshire and the people I know and love there never disappoint. Most of all, I missed sitting side by side with my daughter and husband, but am truly thankful for a long drive with Brooks. One-on-one time with a teenager is hard to come by.