Ann Wang Dohlman Revocable Trust and Ann Wang Dohlman Trs. purchased 109 Tea Lane in Chilmark from Wang Vineyard Realty Trust, Irene W. Tseng Trs. and Amy W. de Rham Trs. for $1,850,000 on Nov. 17.


Jeffrey C. Kristal and Jynell A. Kristal purchased 83 Pine street in Edgartown from Caroline Maruska Trs., Robert Maruska Trs. and the Trust Agreement Executed by Robert Maruska for $1,300,000 on Nov. 18.

Franziska Michor and Roland Fryer purchased 7 Sand Plain Way in Edgartown from Jonathan S. Sands Trs. and Jonathan S. Sands Revocable Trust for $1,270,000 on Nov. 19.

Leslie Wims Morris Trs. and Leslie Wims Morris Revocable Trust purchased 12 Baylies Way in Edgartown from Joseph Pastore and Christopher D. Soverns for $3,172,000 on Nov. 19.

Oak Bluffs

David John Rowe and Kelly Dugan Rowe purchased 18 Hampson avenue in Oak Bluffs from Pirates Haven LLC for $1,300,000 on Nov. 15.

Laiana A. Donato purchased 15 School House Village in Oak Bluffs from Otis B. Tholander and Julie S. Tholander for $955,000 on Nov. 15.

Charisse R. Lillie purchased 52 Pondview Drive in Oak Bluffs from David Raymond Renaud and Paula Irene Renaud for $1,225,000 on Nov. 17.

Vericasa Properties LLC purchased 2 Laurel avenue and 27 Laurel avenue in Oak Bluffs from Donald F. Watt and Catherine E. Watt for $1,250,000 on Nov. 18.

Joel S. Isaacson Trs. and Lafayette5B Trust purchased 14 Temahigan avenue in Oak Bluffs from Deborah Lodge Trs., Norma Lodge Miner Trs. and Lodge Family Trust for $2,000,000 on Nov. 18.

Gwendolyn Watford purchased 10 Richmond avenue in Oak Bluffs from Marcus Behr for $570,000 on Nov. 19.

Vineyard Haven

Tashmoo Mooring Nominee Trust purchased 24 Vincents Way in Vineyard Haven from Cynthia L. Cornwell and Isabelle Lew Trs. for $1,850,000 on Nov. 16. 987624 LLC purchased 6 Rogers Farm Road in Vineyard Haven from Marta Benitez and Paula Corts for $929,000 on Nov. 17.

MV Property Holdings LLC purchased 52 Mill House Way in Vineyard Haven from Charles M. Parrish Trs., Nancy J. Parrish Trs. and Mill House Way Nominee Trust for $9,800,000 on Nov. 17.

Floyd Lifton Trs., Daisy Taylor Lifton Trs. and Lifton 2006 Family Trust purchased 49 Border Road in Vineyard Haven from Walter R. Eglinas Trs. and Eglinas Realty Trust for $1,050,000 on Nov. 17.

West Chop Digs LLC purchased 73 Leland avenue in Vineyard Haven from Brent. L. Elliott and Ruby Elliott for $1,425,000 on Nov. 19.

West Tisbury

Zachary Charter purchased 25 Evergreen Way in West Tisbury from Shirley L. Van der Schueren and Shirley Van der Schueren for $1,004,500 on Nov. 15.

DCT LLC purchased 32 Edgartown Road in West Tisbury from Adam M. Zaiger Trs. and Watcha Homer Trust for $50,000 on Nov. 16.