They are here, they have been spotted and they are waiting for you. Honest.

The snowy owls are back on the Island, tucking themselves into their favorite habitats, along the beaches. To see one is to finally know true joy, to garner good luck all year round, or at the very least to have a cool photograph.

In the distant past the Vineyard did not receive many visits from the Arctic loving owls, but in more recent times there have been regular irruptions. During the fabled winter of 2013/2014, there were an estimated 25 snowy owls on-Island. The following winter dropped to around eight or 10, but still they have kept coming.

The first official sighting this year was on Nov. 18 by Antone Lima on Cape Pogue.

And that is where you will be heading on Saturday if you choose to join the Trustees on their snowy owl prowl, taking place Dec. 18 from 1 to 2:30 p.m. The tour begins at Mytoi Gardens on Chappy. Get there yourself but then the Trustees will take the lead as guides.

Pre-registration is required; call 508-693-7662.