West Tisbury has reappointed Ernest Thomas as the town representative to the Martha’s Vineyard Commission, following a vote by the select board Wednesday night. “I think he serves our community well,” board chairman Skipper Manter said.

Town representatives serve one-year terms as voting members of the commission.

Also Wednesday, the board agreed to allow building inspector Joe Tierney to conduct up to six final inspections in Chilmark over the next few weeks.

“Their building inspector is laid up for probably a month,” West Tisbury town administrator Jennifer Rand told Mr. Manter and board member Cynthia Mitchell.

“They don’t have anyone. They’re in a pickle,” Ms. Rand said.

Chilmark had originally asked to borrow Mr. Tierney for a week to do the inspections, she said. While that was unworkable for West Tisbury, Mr. Tierney said he could fit in the six outstanding inspections.

“I don’t think it will be that much of a burden,” he said. The final inspections take about an hour, not including travel time, he said.

“(For) the cross-town support, I’m willing to make it work,” Mr. Tierney said.

Chilmark has helped West Tisbury in the past, Ms. Mitchell said, before voting in favor of the temporary arrangement.