‘Twas the night before Christmas and as you all know,

the On Time ferry plies the waters come rain, sleet or snow.

The scallop boats are all snug at their docks,

While their fishers are finally home in dry socks.

A very few sailboats swing at their moorings,

Too cold to sail and too hopeful for hauling.

Easy to spot the loons back from the north,

But to see a snowy owl would be something of worth.

The hunters have one more week to get that big buck,

There will be plenty of them out trying their luck.

Oh, the peacefulness of Mytoi of which we are so fond,

While not far away, hear the tide gushing out of Pocha Pond.

The fallow fields at Pimpneymouse host interesting fowl,

Meadow larks, robins, snow geese, sometimes an owl.

The royal links at North Neck, lay deserted except for voles,

But Santa Claus might stop in to play a few holes.

Out at the far corner is Wasque, so wind lashed,

The cliffs there continually eroding so fast.

If you are on Chappy or off, for whatever reason,

Best wishes for a happy and healthy holiday season.