Darnell Jones LLC purchased Black Point Beach Lot 10 in Chilmark from Margaret Von Furth, Daisy Von Furth, Matthew Cafritz, Nicholas Cafritz, Julia Cafritz, Julia Lawton and Eric Caritz for $122,400 on Dec. 22.


46 Mill St Edgartown LLC purchased 46 Mill street in Edgartown from Roy G. Meekins and Nancy E. Meekins for $2,200,000 on Dec. 20.

Brian D. Montambault and Jamie A. Newhouse purchased 84 18th street South in Edgartown from Manoj V. Shinde and Vaishali Shinde for $950,000 on Dec. 20.

Andrea Demichele and Adam Demichele purchased 4 Penny Lane in Edgartown from Gregory A. Pyden for $1,900,000 on Dec. 20.

Luke Etherington purchased 45 Winter street in Edgartown from Shawn M. Brennan for $4,600,000 on Dec. 23.

Oak Bluffs

Inkwell Beach Cottage LLC purchased 83 Sea View avenue in Oak Bluffs from OB Beach House LLC for $4,200,000 on Dec. 20.

West Tisbury

Kevin R. Garcia and Emma C. Brodie purchased 8 Island Farms Road in West Tisbury from John A. Gorman and Lois B. Gorman for $1,090,000 on Dec. 21.

West Farm Road 2021 LLC purchased 43 West Farm Road in West Tisbury from Jodi L. Brill and Scott H. Brill for $1,350,000 on Dec. 23.

25 Carls Way LLC purchased 25 Carls Way in West Tisbury from Steven Feder for $1,650,000 on Dec. 23.