Do you remember when positive was a good thing and negative was, well, negative? It wasn’t that long ago. It’s no secret that the positive has made its way around town, creeping closer and closer to my home. It finally made its way in. The positive one was sequestered while the other household members, somehow, remained unscathed — so far.

The positive one, while in isolation on that gloriously snowy day, asked to live vicariously and for me to go take pictures. Although the snow was lovely, I couldn’t seem to rally and get out there to capture those winter whites. The setting sun, however, called to me and I took a stroll on Lucy Vincent Beach. The sky was purple and filled with billowy clouds that let through glimpses of orangey-gold sunlight. It was calm and quiet and cold. It was nearly perfect with my daughter and her pup by my side.

Well wishes to the dozens upon dozens of Chilmarkers who find themselves somewhere in the 10-day cycle.

Sometimes you see photos shared by friends and they prompt questions, conversation and smiles. Marianne Neill reposted a picture on Instagram from the The Durst Organization. Her post was cause for a little bit of back-and-forth. It was a photo of Jay Lagemann’s sculpture Swinging Jenny. Although Jay brainstorms and works on many of his sculptures right here in town, folks don’t always have the opportunity to see the final product before they are carted off to faraway places.

Swinging Jenny was installed in Manhattan in 2017 outside two residential apartment buildings owned by the Durst Organization on West 57th street. The sculpture is 18 feet tall and cantilevered out 20 feet. While the sculpture was being cast and assembled in Lancaster, Pa., Jay inscribed the names of his six grandchildren on the swinging “jenny” part of the sculpture. It made Marianne happy to photograph again and it made me happy to have it prompt our exchange. As they say, it’s the little things in life that bring such joy.

Speaking of little things in life that bring joy, he has a name. Michael Manfredi and Susannah Buck settled on Everett Stone Manfredi. I’d like to think my advice on how to settle on a name had something to do with it, but I think they were on a pretty clear path before I offered my so-called wisdom.

For any future parents out there, say the name out loud with “we do not bring frogs to the dinner table” after it. If it sounds just stern enough, then you truly have a good combination going.

Concrete has been poured at the site of the new Larsen’s Fish Market. Their project is steadily making forward progress.

Stanley Larsen and his crew have been at work ripping and tearing at Menemsha Fish Market. It seems he has some upgrades planned and I am excited to see what he has in store.

Did you all know Ed Sussman has made taking a daily dip in Menemsha a habit? Who else is, so-called, polar lunging on a regular basis? It’s not something I have the desire to do, but they say a quick dose of cold is good for aches, pains and the soul.