It has been quite the week. Snow, rain, cold, wind and now a little warm weather before the Artic air comes in for a couple of days. And then back to the 30s. My parents used to say we needed a good freeze or snowfall to make all the germs go away. I wonder if it really is that easy.

Happy Birthday to all who celebrated their day recently. Big balloons go out to Leah Cimeno and Samuel de Jesus, who celebrated Dec. 26; Gabriela Pacheco-Furtado on Dec. 27; Leonardo Carvalho and Nicholas Parent on Dec. 28; Noah BenDavid, Samara De Oliveira and Camille Lowry on Dec. 29; Lucas Lisboa, Matheus Lisboa, Kaniel Morgan and Bristol Roten on Dec. 30; Jonah Mafcher on Dec. 31; Cuyler Fisher on Jan. 1; Hazel Chrebet on Jan. 3; Aliyah Bennett on Jan. 4; Carron Mason on Jan. 5; Isabelly Belo on Jan. 6; Jamily Dias on Jan. 12; and Mya Smith on Jan. 13. Hailey Waters celebrates her day on Jan. 14.

It is January and the town is in darkness after shining the beautiful lights of Christmas. I am often asked by visitors to the Island, “What is there to do here in the winter?” My answer is always the same: “Whatever you want.” You can be busy by joining clubs or groups, you can take classes, or you can stay home. It is about the person and what they want to do.

My go-to is doing projects around the house that I did not get done during the busy months at the nursery. Sometimes I just sit and dream of what color I want to paint a room. This year, it is the kitchen. As I look around, I wonder what I am going to do with all those dishes and if I can really move and sand all the woodwork. I will let you know.

The Edgartown Public Library received a three-star rating in a national ranking of Library Journal’s annual review of public libraries. The Oak Bluffs Library also earned three stars and the West Tisbury Library earned five stars.

A total of 5,846 U.S. libraries were rated nationwide; 261 qualified as star libraries and 14 Massachusetts libraries earned star ratings this year. Congratulations to all.

Mark Hess has received his first publication of his new book, You Don’t Have A Prayer: A Collection of Stories, Articles, Incidents, and Tributes from 30 Years and Beyond at the Edgartown Golf Club. It contains his experiences with the filming of Jaws, the Kennedy incident, and golf on the Island as provided by himself and the archives at the Gazette. You can get his book at the Edgartown Golf Club on Friday, Jan. 14 from 2 to 6 p.m. and on Saturday from 9 a.m. to 12 p.m. You can also email for a form at

Things have quieted down and people are staying in to be safe, so if you have any tibits and you would like to share some news, please feel free to email me.

Have a great week and keep the home candles burning.