Sara Iantosca and Christian Iantosca purchased 31 Flanders Lane in Chilmark from John Englert and Lee Englert for $2,250,000 on Jan. 5.


Marc I. Sachs and Nancy H. Harris purchased Unit F4 at 495 Katama Road in Edgartown from Marshall Katzen and Bari Boyer for $1,425,000 on Jan. 3.

Angel Donyale LLC purchased 27 Meshacket Road in Edgartown from Richard S. Dubin Trs. and 25 Meshacket Road Realty Trust for $650,000 on Jan. 4.

Alison Boys Ellwood purchased 29 Jernegan avenue in Edgartown from Thomas O’Hanlon and Jennifer O’Hanlon for $920,000 on Jan. 6.

Oak Bluffs

Rochelle Collins and Kevin Lamont Collins purchased 1 Barnes Road in Oak Bluffs from John H. Casey, Leona Marie Casey and Leona Castle for $823,000 on Jan. 4.

Nikola Stalovic purchased 68 Pond View Drive in Oak Bluffs from Autumn Construction LLC for $635,000 on Jan. 5.

Julie Williamson purchased 27 Tower Ridge Road in Oak Bluffs from William L. Koenig Jr. for $499,000 on Jan. 5.

Sarah Elizabeth Courcier and Mario V. Mercadante purchased 71 Alpine avenue in Oak Bluffs from William Strickland and Mary Jo Mahoney Est. for $820,000 on Jan. 6.

Vineyard Haven

Richard M. Cummings and Erin G. Cummings purchased 152 Main street in Vineyard Haven from Abby Hirsch for $980,000 on Jan. 3.

PHYC Nominee Trust and Thomas J. Rapone Trs. purchased 274 Pilot Hill Farm Road in Vineyard Haven from Nikki Wolontis Trs., Marjorie Wood Trs. and Pilot Hill Nominee Trust for $1,200,000 on Jan. 4.

Mims LLC purchased property on Bigelow Road in Vineyard Haven from Lillian G. Friedlander for $895,000 on Jan. 5.

250 Winyah Lane LLC purchased 250 Winyah Lane in Vineyard Haven from Barsha A. Tolin Trs., Ronald H. Tolin Trs. and 47 Weaver Lane Realty Trust for $1,499,999 on Jan. 6.