I think we can honestly say we are on a weather roller coaster. Blizzard, sleet and rain, warm, cold, now we are expecting warm this week. What next? Although I have to say it was a quick snow melt for all we got.

Happy Birthday to all who celebrated their day this past week. Big balloons go out to Gloriannie Amaral-Espinoza, who celebrated on Feb. 5, Joao Da Silva on February 6; Stefano Avansini and Francis Trot on Feb. 7; Harper Kelly on Feb. 8; Isabella Hill and Finnian Welch on Feb. 9; Damon Reed on Feb. 10; and to Franchesca Carlos, who celebrates her day on Feb. 11.

The Disney movie Encanto is the movie of the winter, entertaining people of all ages. While I was with kids over Christmas, it was played at least twice a day. It is a change from Toy Story a few years ago but Encanto has a storyline and music that gets your attention. We Don’t Talk About Bruno is now the new catch song. Once you hear and sing the song, it sticks in your head for a while.

I am mentioning Encanto because Josh Kresel came over to the house to pick up some things I had put aside for him, and he mentioned that he just came back from seeing his family at his brother Jon’s house. They have twins who are about 10 years old now. He said that he watched this movie with the song about not talking to Bruno. Of course I had to start singing it. He looked at me and said, “You too!” The animation is awesome, the story line is great, and the music makes you want to dance.

I mentioned that I am cleaning the basement as a winter project this year. This may turn into an all-season project but I am determined to get it done. It is so hard to part with some things that have been sitting there for so many years. One storage bag I pulled out was filled with tablecloths, bureau scarves and doillies.

I think if I went to some younger people today, they would not even know what a doillie is. Not only do I remember them under every lamp in the house, I remember them pinned to the backs and arms of the chairs. They were always lacey and nicely starched. Also, the ones I have are hand crocheted by my mother and Ralph’s mother. I know it took hours to make them. Some are even embroidered. How do you part with something that was made with love?

I don’t know about everyone else but I am tied up with the Olympics. I watch during the day and I get caught up in it until the end. It is only two weeks but it is an exciting two weeks. Plus, we have the Super Bowl.

Have a great week and keep the home candles burning.