The kids have been happy as we are having enough snow that they can go sledding a few times. But once again, when this paper comes out the temperature is supposed to be in the high 40s. It is crazy but we have to roll with it.

Happy Birthday to all who celebrated their day this past week. Big balloons go out to Kayleigh Boyd and Josiah Stennett, who celebrated their day on Feb. 12, Maria Gomes on Feb. 15, and to Laila Branca and Kate Rosenberg who celebrated on Feb. 16.

I went away for the weekend. While on the boat I saw a few people on their way to some adventures. Paulo and Justin DeOliveira and their children Mateo and Luiza, and Justine’s sister and nephew Kara Shemeth and Sam, were on their way to Boston to see the Van Gogh exhibit at the Strand Theater. After the exhibit, they went up to a hill in Manchester for skiing, then to Nashoba Valley for some tubing. They had a great time. It was Luiza and Sam’s first time skiing, so Justine and Kara were able to teach them. They caught up with the Groenwoldts and Karen and Leo Kennedy, relatives of Freeman Willoughby. Kara’s husband Tom and younger son Pete stayed home as Tom had to work at the library and Pete is still too young to ski.

Also on the boat was Brooke Avakian, who was with her daughter Lilly on there way to Providence. Lilly is a member of RISE Vineyard Performing Arts and she and other members were performing in a competition in Providence. Dad Derick and brother Cooper were home, keeping things under control.

If you have been around town, you will have noticed the brightly-colored, cheerful signs on the lawns of the police department and the School. They are signs by Monique. My favorite for Valentine’s Day was on the Police Department lawn. In blue, it read Police be Mine. I know: a little raise of the eyebrows. But it was nice. If you are interested in them, the Instagram page is @cardmyyard_marthasvineyard.

It does not seem like the time but kids are looking for places to stay so they can work on the Island for the summer. The response is not good and we are losing the help we need. Please: if you a room to rent, or know of someone with one, please keep an eye out. We need the help. A lot of businesses are tired because they have been shorthanded for some time. We need the help as much as we need the summer visitors.

Have a great week and keep the home candles burning.