Chilmark’s proposed alternative funding formula for the regional high school, while endorsed by Edgartown, has found no traction with Oak Bluffs officials.

Following a unanimous thumbs-down from its finance committee, the Oak Bluffs select board called Tuesday for a series of all-Island select board meetings where the six towns can work together to craft a mutually acceptable formula.

“I find it disturbing that this regional conversation is happening in such a fractured way,” board chairman Brian Packish said.

“It’s discouraging that Islandwide, we can’t sit at a table and have a conversation and discuss this,” Mr. Packish continued.

“Oak Bluffs is being seen as the problem [and] I completely disagree,” he said. “We’re willing to sit at the table.”

A meeting is in fact planned for next Monday with regional high school district committee and all six Island towns to discuss the funding formula.

The meeting begins at 6 p.m. over Zoom.

On Tuesday Mr. Packish said the proposed funding formula backed by Chilmark and Edgartown is unacceptable to Oak Bluffs because it is based on population by town, rather than real estate values.

“Looking at the valuations of real estate, to me it’s a very realistic expectation,” he said. “This is a regional project and Martha’s Vineyard as a region needs a regional high school.”

Select board member Jason Balboni concurred.

“We need to sit down and have a discussion like adults and figure this out,” Mr. Balboni said.

“If we can’t figure this one out now, we’re just going to have a harder time in the future,” he added. “We’re going to have to think more and more as an Island as time goes on.”

The board agreed to have Mr. Packish and town manager Deborah Potter send a letter to the other towns requesting the meetings.

Select board member Emma Green-Beach suggested finding a mediator experienced with municipal negotiations to facilitate the discussions.

Also Tuesday, the select board reviewed warrant articles for the annual and special town meetings April 12; awarded a contract for the August 19 fireworks to the town’s longtime pyrotechnists, American Thunder; held a public hearing on replacing a power pole and heard a presentation on the town’s comprehensive wastewater plan.