Megan Higgins Trs., Adrian Higgins Trs. and Church Street Aquinnah Nominee Trust purchased property on Church street in Aquinnah from Mary E. Cournoyer Trs., Rebecca J. Cournoyer Trs., Locust Grove Nominee Trust and Locust Gove Trust for $350,000 on March 23.


Philip Joel Dobrin Trs., Lucy Dobrin Trs., Revocable Trust of Lucy Dobrin and Revocable Trust of Philip Joel Dobrin purchased 69 Kanomika Road in Edgartown from Patrick L. Gage for $5,650,000 on March 24.

Deema Dahleh, Hilal Dahleh and Mohammed Yazeed Dahleh purchased 6 Jernegan Pond Road in Edgartown from Lisa T. Richards, Lori Ann Gregory and Barbara R. Richards Est. for $1,000,000 on March 25.

Oak Bluffs

John Meshack Trs., Trust established under the Meshack Family Trust, Trust A and Meshack Family Trust purchased a half-interest in 10 Lawrence avenue in Oak Bluffs from John Meshack for $1 on March 23.

Marcio Gomes Pereira and Maira Avansini Pereira purchased 28R School street in Oak Bluffs from Bruce Frazier and Craig Frazier for $975,000 on March 25.

Vineyard Haven

West Spring Cottage LLC purchased 3 West Spring street in Vineyard Haven from Ian Maclachlan for $900,000 on March 22.

West Tisbury

Alexander Garzero and Heather C. Garzero purchased 642 State Road in West Tisbury from Kristen E. Kinser Trs. and Donald R. Mills 2010 Trust for $1,180,000 on March 23.

Troy L. Stanfield and Kimberly Patterson Stanfield purchased 118 Sarita Walker Road and 140 Sarita Walker Road in West Tisbury from Hazel T. Coffin, Sarita Leslie Walker, Amanda Skye Walker, Sarita Christine Walker and Hazel Betty Coffin for $3,500,000 on March 24.

Daniel Carbon purchased 694 State Road in West Tisbury from Eleanor Haller-Jorden for $1,395,000 on March 25.

Brendan G. Crane and Anna Apse purchased 154 Longview Road in West Tisbury for $770,000 on March 25.