Dennis B. Ford purchased 81 Thirteenth street north in Edgartown from Dana Newell Stoddard and Dana Stoddard for $1,378.12 on April 5.

Dominick Dagostino purchased 107 Washque avenue in Edgartown from RT Enterprises LLC for $6,250,000 on April 7.

Michael E. Devlin and Catherine Devlin purchased 29 Clevelandtown Road in Edgartown from Marianne Dolan for $3,455,000 on April 7.

Robyn L. Birdwell and Mark S. Fixley purchased 249 West Tisbury Road in Edgartown from Carolyn A. Flynn for $1,400,000 on April 8.

Oak Bluffs

Marcia G. Desousa purchased 11 Checama Path in Oak Bluffs from Jonathan M. Gopen for $1,300,000 on April 4.

Paul Schulz & Jessica Cushman Family Trust, Paul Adolf Schulz 3rd Trs. and Jessica Cushman Trs. purchased 52 Church avenue in Oak Bluffs from Verity Parris for $1,325,000 on April 8.

West Tisbury

Max Masucci Trs. and Masucci Family Trust purchased 8 Oak Knoll Road in West Tisbury from Richard A. Cascarino and Constance A. Goodwin for $1,605,000 on April 5.