The next Chappy Ferry steering committee meeting is scheduled for Wednesday, April 27 at 5 p.m. You can find the agenda and Zoom link on the town website in the agenda section. The meeting may not be posted until the deadline of Monday afternoon so fear not if you don’t see it listed there now. Anything discussed at these meetings should be of great interest to any Chappaquiddicker.

The fourth annual running of the Chappy Point to Point Race is scheduled for Saturday, June 26. The race is a fundraiser. Last year the proceeds were dedicated to the creation of a wetu to be constructed by Wampanoag tribal members near the Wasque swimming beach parking lot. That project will proceed throughout the coming summer.

This year, the run is subtitled: A Power Run For Solar Power. Proceeds will be used to fund the installation of solar power at the Chappaquiddick Community Center. The Chappy Point To Point website recalls the blizzard of 2022 as a potent reminder of how important this will be for the island: a solar installation with battery storage will make the community center a self-sustaining shelter in case of a power outage in this era of increasing storm intensity. Eliminating the community center’s reliance on the grid will give Chappaquiddickers a heated place with water, kitchen and bathroom facilities, as well as mobile device charging, in case of emergency loss of power as was experienced this past winter. With the right size solar array, the Chappaquiddick Community Center will also become a power station capable of selling electricity and generating income for the center.

To sign up for the run, donate to the cause or to become a sponsor, see the Chappy Point to Point website.