Liz Dolan Durkee’s new photography show, at the Oak Bluffs Library community room this month, offers a fresh and unexpected view of the town’s emblematic Camp Ground cottages.

Her two dozen colorful prints celebrate the cottages’ “gingerbread” woodworking, with such closely-observed detail that many of them verge on abstraction.

“I like the idea that for those unfamiliar with Oak Bluffs the images appear to be abstract, while for the rest of us they are a colorful reminder of the town’s quirky charm,” she wrote in her artist’s statement for the show.

Photographer Liz Dolan Durkee

Through Ms. Durkee’s lens, elements of scrollwork in leafy greens and ocean blues become pure color and form. Prim white banisters line up in front of a strikingly plum-hued wall. A porch pillar painted in five colors could be a helmeted sentinel, guarding a bright-blue world.

She also plays with perspective, angling the archpoint of a Gothic windowframe outlined in green, white, blue and red and closing in on the multicolored flanges of turned-wood posts until they resemble forms from Charles Sheeler’s 20th-century industrial paintings.

While the photographs themselves are intimately detailed, down to the brush strokes, much-layered paints and weathered wood, Ms. Durkee titled her show The Pandemic Haze Series.

She made the images as a way of coping with a stiff dose of Covid-era stress, Ms. Durkee noted in her artist’s statement.

“Everything about life seemed fragile,” she wrote. “The wandering, picture-taking and editing helped occupy my time and ease my anxiety.”

Ms. Durkee’s photographs are on display through the end of the month in the community room on the lower level of the Oak Bluffs library, which is open from Tuesday through Saturday.