Wilma G. Hancock purchased 45 Quenames Road in Chilmark from David H. Donald for $2,500 on April 22.


Richard S. Dubin Trs. and Lots 1-5-9-13 Holly Bear Lane Realty Trust purchased vacant land on Holly Bear Lane in Edgartown from Christopher R. Chambers for $825,000 on April 19.

67 Division Road LLC purchased 69 Division Road in Edgartown from Boston Equity RE LLC for $1,550,000 on April 20.

Sevenbay Real Estate LLC purchased 15 Church street in Edgartown from Harriet B. Hoar for $1,100,000 on April 20.

Nancy M. Shai and Donald W. Davis 3rd purchased 45 Clay Pit Road in Edgartown from William R. Erickson and Beth A. Erickson for $1,200,000 on April 21.

Peter Kollman Gearhart and Noel P. Gearhart purchased 20 Pease’s Point Way, Unit 7-A in Edgartown from Janisco Properties LLC for $350,000 on April 21.

Oak Bluffs

Arrow 2022 LLC purchased 91 Carol Lane and three lots at 21 Stevens avenue in Oak Bluffs from Donald C. Fitz-Roy 3rd for $625,000 on April 20.

Jonathan M. Holter Trs. and RWF Realty Trust purchased 31 Stevens avenue and property on Carol Lane in Oak Bluffs from Donald Fitz-Roy Indiv. & Trs., Irrevocable Fitz-Roy Family Trust, Donald C. Fitz-Roy 3rd and Donald C. Fitz-Roy for $625,000 on April 20.

Vineyard Haven

Tyler McDonald purchased 109 Daggett avenue in Vineyard Haven from Samuel S. Morris and Katherine J. Ellsworth Morris for $800,000 on April 19.

Manasses De Oliveira purchased 15 Lantern Lane in Vineyard Haven from Vassily Therianos for $685,000 on April 21.

West Tisbury

Margaret Jean Carman, Margaret C. Douglass and Margaret Jean Douglass purchased 225 Old County Road in West Tisbury from Colin Campbell Carman for $225,000 on April 19.