Wilma G. Hancock purchased 45 Quenames Road in Chilmark from Leroy Withrop Luce Jr., Leroy W. Luce Jr., Eleanor Luce Dana, Francis Pope Luce 3rd, Deanna Beatrice Luce-Bennett and Deanna Bennett for $3,750 on April 26.


Stuart D. Kliman Trs., Lisa T. Wollman Trs. and Stuart D. Kliman Living Trust purchased 11 Brown Road in Edgartown from Daniel J. Brown for $2,100,000 on April 25.

John Bedros Robichau and Jenna Robichau purchased 27 Clevelandtown Road in Edgartown from Joseph B. Robichau 4th, John B. Robichau and John Bedros Robichau for $630,000 on April 25.

Francisco Martinez and Susan C. English purchased 78 Ninth street north in Edgartown from Wilma G. Hancock for $160,000 on April 27.

Susan Davis purchased 41 Jernegan Pond Road in Edgartown from Richard S. Dubin Trs. and 41 Jernegan Pond Road Realty Trust for $1,480,000 on April 29.

Charles C. Hajjar Trs. and Light Keepers Realty Trust purchased 25 Simpsons Lane in Edgartown from Melissa Thorkilsen Trs., Michael L. Fay Trs. and John T. Chirgwin Trust for $2,900,000 on April 29.

Oak Bluffs

Andrea Cork and Peter Cork purchased 5 Pacific avenue in Oak Bluffs from David Long and Holly Long for $1,455,000 on April 28.

Lagoon Manor LLC purchased 1 Little Sand Way in Oak Bluffs from Steven L. Andrews and Nicole Andrews for $2,000,000 on April 29.

Vineyard Haven

Scharukh Jalisi and Moushmi Soleja purchased 219 Herring Creek Road in Vineyard Haven from Peter J. Sullo for $2,450,000 on April 27.

Charles T. Braman and Shamayne D. Braman purchased 355 Main street in Vineyard Haven from Braman Family LP for $985,000 on April 29.