I believe I might be the only person in town who missed The Wizard of Oz last weekend. It’s shameful, I know. However, my children saw the show and they filled me in. The overwhelming enthusiasm of their reviews came as a surprise, honestly. I did not expect gushing, not from a pack of savage critics like these. But gush they did.

First of all, enough good could not be said of Story Taylor’s performance as Dorothy. When I watched some clips of her singing, it became clear that something was in the water that year. Ordinarily, junior high kids just don’t sound that good. “She nailed it,” was the verdict at my house — the very highest praise.

Adagio Esposito was lauded for his turn as the Scarecrow, not only by my children but almost everyone I’ve run into the last few days. And Nova Smith as the Wicked Witch apparently electrified the audience with her sinister cackle. Her younger brother Christopher definitely had his moment to shine too, and their tussle over Nova’s broom has become legend.

At 1 p.m. on Saturday, May 7, Natural Neighbors program director Angela Luckey will give a presentation about increasing native plant diversity with thoughtful backyard management. This is so important, if you love gardening and can spare the time. Participants can meet with Angela afterward to get advice and she will be giving away 20 native plant kits.

While you’re at the library, check out Laura Murphy’s paintings on display at the library throughout the month of May.

On Sunday, May 8, from 1 to 3 p.m., photographer Lynn Christoffers will offer free portraits to grandmothers, mothers and families in honor of Mother’s Day. There’s no need to sign up for this event but the library asks that people leave their pets at home.

That’s right: don’t forget, everybody, it’s Mother’s Day! For some this is a complicated day, so be thoughtful out there. In general I think the second Sunday in May is a good day to take care of things — anything really — in honor of mothers and caregivers past, present and future.

Congratulations go out to Officer Bradley Cortez of the West Tisbury Police Department, for earning his bachelor of science in criminal justice from Southern New Hampshire University. There’s usually an officer at school drop-off in the morning and all of them are extremely welcoming and lovely but Officer Cortez just beams out sunshine at every child. Being able to radiate warmth like that is a gift. Certain people have it and everybody else recognizes the gift and honors it.

Happy belated birthday to Jennifer Ingraham, who started kindergarten with me at the West Tisbury School and is also a true sunshine-person.