Years ago, Richard Sears had a big bouquet of roses delivered to the Chappy Ferry every week as a year-long birthday gift to his wife. It was a lovely gesture that made the rest of us guys look like total slackers. I was reminded of that when checking in on the Slip Away Farm website.

Remember when Lily Walter used to write every other weekly Chappy column? She still writes farm notes on the Slip Away Farm website. This summer, the farm will be concentrating on raising the next generation of farmers. There will be too little time to spare for providing a vegetable CSA this year. However, thanks to returning flower gardener Anna Swanson, there are several varieties of flower CSAs available. See the Slip Away Farm website to sign up. Don’t put it off. They will sell out quickly.

Word has filtered down through social media that Luke and Katie Kenney are planning to open a branch of their Black Bird Café at the Jerry Jeffers store site. One glance at the food photos on the website for their trio of cafés back in America and you will be looking forward eagerly to the rumored June 8 opening date.

The Memorial Wharf project folks are determined to be ready for the traditional tossing of lilacs into the harbor on May 27. Edgartown School students will march to the sea for Memorial Day ceremonies. As wharf repair committee chair person Steve Ewing says, “After all, it’s called Memorial Wharf for a reason.”

Progress comes in leaps and bounds at the site. One day the pavilion was hovering over the parking lot high and dry. The next day it was back in its old location over the water. Acute observers have asked me about the notch in the timbers on the face of the new pier. That’s to accommodate a rescue ladder. If someone falls overboard, hopefully they can get to that ladder rather than having to float all the way over to the nearest beach.